Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester 16/11/19

posted 17 Nov 2019, 12:28 by Pete Collins

HPAG group visit to MOSI to see the Sun exhibition.

Group visit to Hay-on-Wye 27-30/9/19

posted 1 Oct 2019, 13:25 by Pete Collins   [ updated 1 Oct 2019, 13:30 ]

HPAG's weekend away in Hay-on-Wye. Great accommodation, 2 at least partially clear nights, and a visit to the Spaceguard Centre in central Wales for a very interesting tour and talk on Near Earth Objects (asteroids and comets), the threat they pose, and their detection before they hit us!

Apollo 11 50th anniversary 21 July 2019

posted 22 Jul 2019, 09:47 by Pete Collins   [ updated 22 Jul 2019, 09:49 ]

We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing with a special event in Heaton Park - information displays all about the moon landing and Apollo programme, rocket models and meteorite samples. We had solar scopes set up so that visitors could look at the Sun safely - but unfortunately when the clouds parted the Sun was found to be devoid of sunspots and flares! Anyway, at least the weather was OK :)

End of season party 11 April 2019

posted 15 Apr 2019, 14:19 by Pete Collins

Quiz time at our end of season party. Another successful season, with an average attendance of 53 people at our weekly meetings and a maximum of 90 for our Stargazing for Beginners evening in January.

Group trip to London 22-24 March 2019

posted 15 Apr 2019, 14:05 by Pete Collins   [ updated 15 Apr 2019, 14:10 ]

24 of us had a great few days in London including a visit to the Royal Observatory Greenwich and other places of interest.

Jodrell Bank 20 September 2018

posted 21 Sept 2018, 11:59 by Pete Collins

Group trip to a rather damp Jodrell Bank.

Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester 21/4/18

posted 23 Apr 2018, 11:55 by Pete Collins

A group trip to see Tim Peake's Soyuz descent module, have a go on the virtual reality descent simulator, and a very nice lunch.

Bella Italia 22/6/17

posted 25 Jun 2017, 09:23 by Pete Collins   [ updated 25 Jun 2017, 09:23 ]

An off-season meal at the Bella Italia, Bury.

National Space Centre 29/3/17

posted 29 Mar 2017, 15:22 by Pete Collins   [ updated 29 Mar 2017, 15:25 ]

Joint HPAG / Salford Astro visit to the National Space Centre, Leicester. A grand day out!

Open day in Heaton Park 25 September 2016

posted 25 Sept 2016, 12:12 by Pete Collins

Plenty of visitors at our open day in the park - solar scopes outside taking advantage of a few gaps in the clouds and info displays in the classroom.

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